Secure The Future Of Your Children

All men when born have a blank book that would tell a story, after they are gone. And, the story of life is often progressive, likewise continuous in nature. Yesterday’s story would tell on tomorrow’s, and so to have a better future, the right decisions have to be made on a daily basis. For children, they don’t get to make decisions on their own. Thus, parents must be very careful on what they write on their children’s blank book.

Take for example, Alicia, whose mother was a Nurse, she made sure she treated her daughter well, and fed her with positive orientation and mindset right from childhood. How did she achieve this? She never allows vulgar words to be spoken around her daughter. It became a rule in their home never to say negative/toxic words.

Alicia grew up with a positive mindset, she was always positive regardless what situation she finds herself.  Alicia’s parent knew that the future of their children is filled with a myriad of possibilities, and anchored on opportunities well used right from childhood.

Though a child may not be able to make decisions at childhood, decision is thus made by the parent/ guardian. If you are a parent/guardian you should be intentional about giving your children the very best of training and upbringing. This of course starts from the informal training, the right interpersonal relationship between spouses, correct communication.

If anything goes wrong during the process of making of a child, (i.e. childhood), the ugly traces of this would be revealed sooner or later. Alicia’s parent gave her excellent parenting and they still opted in for mentorship on her behalf. This gave her a better view of life and the right approach to issues. She was able to interact with people well and make good decisions as regards all aspect of her life.

So that your children would make you proud in future and that, they would lead a peaceable and enviable life, you should consider mentorship. Yes, there are numerous mentorship programs that are specially made for children and teenagers. In fact, some of these programs are now available online, for ease of access anywhere and anytime of the day. On the website, you are able to opt in for the mentorship program on behalf of your child/ children. You may also decide to apply as a mentor for other children, if you are passionate about making impact in that direction.

Furthermore, there are mentorship programs available with easy accessibility. Such programs allow your children interact with experienced adult volunteers (mentors) and other children within their age bracket in teen programs. This would help foster their development and grant them the right perspective to life in a unique way. Not that the parents can’t mentor their child, but mentorship exceeds the borders of parenting.

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